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Gaza’s Rafah turned into ​war zone by Israel: Mayor

Twenty-one Palestinians were martyred and dozens injured on Friday in a new massacre committed by the Israeli army bombing tents housing displaced Palestinians in the Al-Mawasi area, west of the city of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip.

Will Israel commit to a ceasefire in Gaza?

As the UN Security Council unanimously voted in favour of a US-backed ceasefire in Gaza, Israel has increased its bombing of 'safe zones' in the enclave. Can a truce hold? Will Israel stop its bombing campaign?

Aid restrictions and the starvation of Gaza's civilians

The UN has warned that there's been a 67% drop in the delivery of aid to Gaza since Israel took control of the Rafah Crossing, Palestinians are being pushed to the sea and are being left no way to survive. What new measures will Israel take in its war against civilians?

Will the Rafah offensive intensify now Netanyahu is a wanted man?

The ICC is seeking the arrest of the Israeli PM, previous efforts to hold Israel to account for its actions in Gaza have led it to increase attacks on Palestinians, will we see the same once again?

Israel targets Rafah leaving Palestinians cornered

The media office in the Gaza Strip confirmed that the Israeli occupation continues to escalate its aggression against the Strip: 'Dismissing all international demands'

Will a truce deal bring an end to the genocide?

Terms have been drawn up for a ceasefire in Gaza, but Israeli ministers have said they expect a ground invasion of Rafah to go ahead even if a deal is signed. Will the US bring an end to the genocide?

Mass graves and decomposed bodies, Israel's legacy in Gaza

The bodies of hundreds of Palestinians have been found in a mass grave after Israeli forces withdrew from the area, many too decomposed to identify

Palestinians are dying of hunger and no one knows

Save the Children are among the aid groups that have warned that many Palestinians are dying as a result of Israel's siege on Gaza, but no one knows because they can't make it to medical centres for treatment.

Tightening the man-made famine, Israel targets foreign aid workers

After 7 aid workers were killed in their marked armoured cars, charities have said it is now too dangerous to work in Gaza and have pulled back, putting more Palestinian lives in danger of starvation.

All eyes on Rafah as Israel insists on invading it

In spite of all world powers and rights organisation warning against an offensive in Gaza's southernmost city, Israel insists it will move forward with the attack even if it leaves it isolated internationally.